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Who Needs Email Stationary?

Email stationary is something new and innovative in the art of selling your product or service. With the old stationary a business person had to sit and pick out the right letterhead from hundreds of stock photos. Monitoring the volume of sales of products and services is a monumental job as you are constantly juggling old business with new business and prospective business. What’s more, once the letter is in the snail mail who knows where it will end up or if it will ever reach its destination. If it does, will it be read? Those days are over now and forever.

Modern technology has brought us into a new age of business contact. That new age wonder is the email stationary. It may look a little like the paper letterhead we re all familiar with, but that is where the similarity ends and the modern age begins. You will be guided through customizing your letterhead which will have a place for you to insert a photo of yourself, your staff, or your establishment to further personalize your letterhead. The choice is yours without the need to view hundreds of stock letterhead ideas. The time and energy you save choosing and customizing your email stationary can be devoted to your business. Worried about whether your letter, on your new email letterhead, will get to its destination? Don’t worry because not only will it get to its destination but you will be notified when it does.

The email stationary has taken care of that for you too. Imbedded in the email stationary is a tracking device that will let you know when the email was opened and read and how many times it was opened and read. If the email has been opened and read more than once it would be safe to assume that there is an interest in your product or service. If that email letter was read several times the assumption would be that there is an interest, and the follow-up letter would have a softer pitch. If the letter was only opened once or not opened at all, then a stronger standard follow-up letter would be safe to send. The tracking is not visible to the recipient nor is it visible at all, but for you it is that extra hand we are all always looking for. Someone to monitor your mail and it’s not on the payroll. There is no fear of invasion of privacy here as the only information that you will received from your email stationary is: when the email arrived, when it was opened and read, and how many times. There is no personal information involved.

With technology moving us into a brighter future by allowing us to better handle our business affairs, our products and services will be reached in faster and more efficient ways to potential as well as existing customers and clients. The use of the email stationary is only the first step into that bright future, but it is an important one. If you are a business person with a large volume of business to monitor, or a business person with old business, new business and prospective business, regardless of volume, to monitor the email stationary is without a doubt the answer to your monitoring system.

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